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This is rinithil's Graphic Journal. I decided to start this to separate my graphics from my personal life. xD Smart huh? No. Haha. I got these idea after seeing various other people do it.

So how'd I come up with such a weird name? Well it was all during Spanish class, and I was talking to my friends when one of them said something like Yesterday's Tomorrow (which equals today xP) and that just stuck with me. Had to shorten the username though becuase there's a limit of course. xD

1. Comment to let me know the ones your taking. Or you could always comment to criticize. Or you could just comment to feed my ego. =P

2. Please don't hot/direct link my graphics. It eats up my bandwidth. Instead, save onto your own computer and upload on your own image host, like Photobucket. If you don't know what hot/direct linking is, read this website.

3. Please credit me either as rinithil or yester_morrow in your keywords. Don't know how? Then click here. I take a lot of time to make the graphics.

4. Textless icons aren't bases unless I state that they are. You may use them as bases as long as you comment to let me know.

I have moved my resources to this page.

My awards are at this page.


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